Why dilute essential oils?

Do you dilute your essential oils when applying topically?

Contrary to the belief that diluting an essential oil will make it less potent, doing so may actually enhance the experience.

Here are 3 reasons why:

As you can see, diluting essential oils is not all that bad. Essential oils are very concentrated. For example, 75 lemons are used to make a 15ml Young Living lemon essential oil. Hence it is good to spread it out with a carrier oil to help minimise sensitivity issues.

Essential oils are volatile and when applied on its own, you will probably lose much of it to evaporation. Having a carrier oil mixed it will allow it to stick around longer. This should enhance the absorption.

When you start applying proper techniques like diluting, you bring down the costs as you need not use as much essential oils as before. This makes our love for these gems of nature more budget friendly! Do remember to use pure unadulterated essential and carrier oils.