Thieves Spray Review

The world is full of dirt and germs. A reality that some may choose to ignore as a means of manufactured bliss. While there is absolutely no need to be obsessed about eradicating all traces of filth and microbes (it’s practically impossible anyway), targeted efforts on areas of concern may be a better choice. This is where a spray will come in handy. Not all sprays are made equal and one must always be mindful of that. Some may be too harsh on the surface or some may have questionable chemicals in them.

thieves spray review

Thieves Spray On The Go

The Young Living Thieves Spray comes in a convenient travel-sized bottle. This is important as it makes carrying it around a breeze.(When was the last time you omit something as it is too “heavy” or “bulky”? 😬) Now that you can have it with you on the go, you can use it on public toilet seats, tables and more!

Say Bye To Harsh

Thieves Spray is formulated using natural ingredients such as essential oils with cleansing properties. This is crucial as it means there will be no harsh fumes nor does the surface require rinsing after use.

As a result of the considerations taken into creating the Thieves Spray, you can use it to clean most non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, tiles, varnished wood surfaces and more. Surfaces that may be porous such as granite and marble should be tested first on an inconspicuous area. You should not use Thieves Spray on vinyl, soft plastic or on the body.

Even More Reasons To Smile

While alcohol is used to support the mixture of ingredients, it is denatured using Cinnamon Bark essential oil to prevent people from consuming it orally. Considering the fact that many companies denature alcohol using chemical additives, this is most appreciated as it helps to ensure that the product is free of questionable chemicals.

The Bottom Line

Research is increasingly providing insights into the potential harm of questionable chemicals. A product that strives to eliminate questionable chemicals definitely helps us stay true to a lifestyle of wholesome wellness. We like how thoughts have been given to the process of product design for the Thieves Spray to avoid harsh chemicals. An example is the using of Cinnamon Bark essential oil to denature alcohol instead of chemical additives. The considerate design to make it convenient and easy to store in a bag is most welcome too.

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We are exposed to a myriad of surfaces in our daily routines and having the Young Living Thieves Spray and its attentive considerations by your side as a choice among the countless offers on the market is definitely worth looking into.

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