Star Dazed Look – Savvy Minerals Makeup Tutorial

Matching the approriate look for an occasion may be challenging. One may end up having many cosmetic products to have a comprehensive coverage. Having said so, Savvy Minerals’ range may surprise you!

” I like how versatile the Savvy Minerals range of cosmetics is. It doesn’t matter if it is just for a casual outing or a ballroom event, Savvy Minerals got me covered! All with NO harsh chemicals.” – Jenny

You may remember Jenny from our previous feature on Empowering Beauty Without Harsh Chemicals. In our feature today, the emphasis is on a more heavy setup suitable for ballroom functions. The eyes are beautifully done and it just goes to show the extent of Savvy Minerals’ range. The contouring is done very well and thus gives a subtle yet complementing definition to the face. Best of all, there is absolutely no harsh chemicals present! Hence despite using more makeup, the face remains burden free!

Model : Jenny

Foundation Warm 1
Blush Smashing
Lipgloss Embrace
Contour Warm 1 + Multi Tasker
Eyebrow Multi Tasker
Eyeliner Jet Setter
Eye shadow Jet Setter, Multi Tasker, Cheers, Wanderlust, Time Square

Time Taken : 30 minutes

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