Savvy Minerals Endurance Test

With every launch of a new idea, product or anything, it is inevitable that comparison are made. While we are clear that Savvy Minerals are free from harsh chemicals, will the endurance suffer as a result?

Today we will seek to find an answer and review how Savvy Minerals stands against others.

“So happy with my face now as it is not oily at all and the coverage seems better too. The most important is that it is toxic free makeup!” – Lynn.

On the left, Lynn has used a popular cosmetics brand and you can see in the magnified sections, the surface has become glossy due to the presence of oil. This is rather disappointing as 2.5 hours is not very long. With such a short duration, it will be often that one needs to touch up. This in turn increases the possibility of unevenness of the makeup.

On the right, Lynn has applied Savvy Minerals’ Warm 1. This picture was taken 4 hours after application and I love how vibrant and clean it came across as. There is no trace of any glossy patches on her face and hence it resulted in a natural and uniform look. Savvy Minerals did well in bringing out the excellent facial tones of Lynn. Considering that this is almost double the duration of the other cosmetic brand, it is impressive.

Often we forget that endurance is an important factor in cosmetics. It frees out our schedule if we need not touch up often and that stretches our dollars too. Lastly as how Lynn correctly mentioned, it is toxic free!

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