Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil Review

Having a beautiful and balanced hair is often a challenge. If it is too soft, managing it will be easy but it may render many styles unachievable due to a lack of volume. At the other end of the spectrum, a thick voluminous hair will pose a challenge in taming it.

Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil is a luxurious, multitasking hair treatment formulated to help keep your hair soft and shiny, no matter the hair type. It is infused with Argan, Monoi, and Abyssinian oils, and your hair will love the hydration it gets from the fatty acids and vitamin E, as well as the luster and brightness. Lightweight and fast- absorbing, Young Living’s new hair oil also has a light, pleasant aroma and will leave your hair sleek and glossy, not greasy.

So does it work in real life? Let’s see!

“I LOVE MIRAH HAIR OIL! It can tame my lion hair! And it is not very oily, plus it gives my hair some shine to it!” – Brenda

Seeing is believing! Looking at the before and after, the Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil conditions Brenda’s voluminous hair texture and prepares it for styling. It is evident that after styling, the oil has provided a complementary support and managed to enhance Brenda’s outlook with flowing and glossy hair.

Now looking at the photo for 2 hours later, that’s where the magic is. Brenda’s hair is still in state of prime! You will be hard pressed to find any signs of messiness. In fact if you were to observe closely, you will notice that the luxuriant hair flows with the contour of her face. This is a sign of control the oil has over the hair and it adds to the attractiveness of the style.

As always, Young Living products are free of harsh chemicals. This coupled with the fact that it works wonderfully well, now we should be asking why aren’t we using it then!

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Want to watch a video reviewing the benefits of the Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil? Click here!

We did a second review of the Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil! Check out the pictures.

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