Make your own DIY Perfume with Essential Oils

Do you notice how often it seems that a familiar scent brings back a particular memory? Perhaps a flora smelling perfume that reminds you of your colleagues from your first job or a earthy scent that your first crush wore.

The sense of smell is an intimate human response as the fragrant molecules interact with parts of the brain responsible for smell identification, memory and emotion. With essential oils and their unique fragrances, perhaps we can endeavour to create that perfect perfume, without the questionable chemicals!

The infographics above by Young Living is a good summary of what needs to be done.

What You Need

  • Your selected pure unadulterated essential oils (Keep it to 2 – 3 essential oils or else you will have a barrage of scents!)
  • A pure unadulterated and unscented carrier oil
  • An empty bottle with a roller fitment (In this tutorial we are assuming a 5ml glass bottle)
  • DIY custom label to name your customized creation

What To Do

  • Add around 10 to 15 drops of each selected essential oil  (Keep to around 40 drops in total. Scent barrage alert!)
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with your carrier oil
  • Fit the roller fitment
  • Print the custom label with your EPIC creation name and paste it on
  • Apply where you normally do so for your perfume

DIY Custom Perfume Ideas

Find below a number of interesting recipes to try out!

Groundedness Calm
Frankincense (Grounding)
Idaho Balsam Fir (Grounding and Calming)
Star of the Party
Lemon (Joyful and Energizing)
Orange (Joyful and Sweet)
Spearmint (a few drops will do) (Energizing)
My First Love
Orange (Joyful and Sweet)
Cedarwood (Comforting)

Want a perfume that also promotes skin wellness? We got you covered!

Multi Tasker
Frankincense (Grounding and Skin Wellness)
Lavender (Calming and Skin Wellness)
Tea Tree (a few drops will do) (Sense of Purity and Skin Wellness)

Do be mindful of the precautions such as knowing if the essential oil may cause sun sensitivity.
You can refer to our essential oils reference guide for more information on intensity.

New KidSafe Blends

Hope you like this tutorial, we definitely had great fun doing this up for you!

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