How To Earn Money Young Living Singapore Part 1

I began my Young Living journey as a user and started sharing out of love for the products. In today’s modern world, being toxic free is tough. By using Young Living products, I am happy that I can at least minimize the exposure. Hence I wanted to share this joy with others.

When I started seeing commissions, I got excited. Right in front of me is an opportunity to share about products that bring good to others and I am being rewarded for that! Doing good and earning from that. How often do we get such an opportunity!

In the beginning, I felt a little overwhelmed with the various mechanics involved. I was blessed enough to receive guidance from supportive teammates. It is now time for me to do the same and share the goodness. While I am sharing this from a Young Living Singapore perspective, by and large this shouldn’t differ globally.

We will be walking this journey together. I will be showing you in parts on how you can understand and maximise your earnings while sharing the love of a toxic free healthy lifestyle. Bringing good to others is a privilege and let us embrace the Young Living values of a support first profit second community.

Important Definitions

Let’s start from foundation. Find below important terms that you need to be familiar with.

Sales Organization: Also known as a downline, this encompasses all members located beneath a particular distributor. This includes the distributor and all levels within his or her organization.

EbM: This is basically your team. You and your immediate members, their immediate members and so on.

Enroller: The person responsible for personally introducing a new distributor to Young Living. Enrollers are eligible to qualify for financial bonuses, including the Fast Start and Starter Kit bonuses.

Sponsor: A new distributor’s direct upline and main support. The sponsor may also be the enroller.

EbM: In YL, the Enroller and Sponsor can be different individuals.

An Enroller is basically the person who shared and explained the benefits of YL and thus bringing the member onboard. This person will hence be eligible to earn commission for only the enrolment activity.

A Sponsor is the person who will be the member’s direct upline. This person is responsible for guiding the new member on the proper usage of Young Living products and other related matters such as purchase, promotions and possibly earning commission. Therefore in view of this, the Sponsor earns commission on the ongoing purchases of the member for as long as the member remains active.

Personal Volume (PV): Many products sold by Young Living have a Personal Volume (PV) amount assigned to them. The volume of products that are purchased is reflected in PV. PV is one of the requirements for ranking within the compensation plan, and it accumulates throughout each commission period.

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EbM: You can think of PV as a Young Living currency. It is an important part of the compensation plan.

This brings us to the end of Part 1.

I will be writing a series of articles on earning money with Young Living Singapore. I look forward to seeing you for Part 2!

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