Happy Heart Blend

Do you believe in the goodness of the world or are you like almost everyone else wary of intentions and motivations.

It is not surprising as we all learn to question from a very young age.

Be careful of the lone stranger, be mindful of anyone who talks to you. Having said so, these are very much needed guidance as a child considering how vulnerable one is. The problem comes when we fail to moderate ourselves when we become adults ourselves.

In many societies, the issues of trust and motives are crippling the human spirit. On a personal level, being consistently sceptical can be tiring. It wears you down like rust. Others take this down to another level of low and hurt others first in a self proclaimed act of preemptive defense. Now this is not to say that you simply trust anyone and everyone, but rather be prudent yet open and not too quick to judge.

The Happy Heart blend is perfect for our journey of rediscovery. Orange with its refreshing citrus scent seeks to rise our spirits from the lows. Ylang Ylang with its soft flowery fragrance and lavender with its whispers of calm provide an after touch of positive foundation. This blend is great to diffuse at your home or workplace where it in my most sincere of hopes, a catalyst for a happier and less judgmental environment. May this rejuvenation of hope brighten up all the dark abysses of your life.

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“That’s how we are brought up isn’t it? When people are good to us, we are afraid that they have a motive” – Vel.

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