Festive Season Survival Guide

Festivals are always around the corner. Be it Christmas or Easter, it is always a time for joy! Having said that, we may indulge ourselves a tad too much of food and drinks. To minimise the calories pile up, there are little measures that we can take!

As of publication, the lunar new year is right around the corner and Young Living has created an excellent survival guide for this occasion. It touches on the common challenges ( happy ones though ) such as insatiable cravings or late nights. Despite the context, I find the recommendations fitting for festivals of all sorts!

My favourite tip is No 4. Do not underestimate the calorie eliminating prowess of the Walk. It all adds up throughout the day! Excess calories end up adding to your weight hence we need to be mindful of our input and output. Try swinging your hands a little while walking to further stretch the burn! (without looking silly or hitting on things around you of course)

Now what should i feast on during the holidays . . . :p

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