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Being a science nerd myself, I appreciate all the various experiments done by essential oils users worldwide. It is important that we not only hear about the benefits but also see it in action. Nothing beats seeing results and here you will find a compilation of experiments!

Cody Melton shared on Facebook about a science experiment that his friend who is a science teacher did.
“The little round paper discs that you see in the pictures were soaked in their agent of choice, then placed on a Petri dish that had been inoculated with bacteria just prior; either from around the classroom, or from specific test tubes with known bacterial species, E.coli (gram-) and S. epidermis (gram +). The Petri dishes were then placed in an incubator for 2 days, and then analyzed by the students. The clear rings that you see around the paper discs are called the “zone of no growth”. If the antibacterial agent is good at killing bacteria, it will have a clear area around it where bacteria cannot live. We measured these areas, and came to some conclusions: Oregano is amazingest, Thieves is amazing and SMELLS FANTASTIC!”

As you can see above, there are obvious rings of no growth around the essential oils. I like how wide the ring is for Oregano. It correlates to my personal experience of using Oregano to ease my bad discomforts.
Cole Woolley, PHD Analytical Chemistry is the author of “Exploring Essential Oils”. He shared on Facebook about his extensive findings.
“A single bacterial organism can replicate into two identical organisms in 20-30 minutes. One organism may seem harmless, maybe even two; but they just keep replicating by BINARY FISSION (forming two identical organism from one) until their numbers BECOME significant.
Showing a strong defense from time to time can help fight off the large initial attacks. From time-to-time your human immune defenses become compromised by inadequate sleep, unhealthy diet, and poor physical conditioning. Fortunately, you can use a variety of defensive essential oils to keep a strong SHOW OF FORCE.”

Once again the clear rings of no growth brought a smile to my face. The potent capabilities of Oregano correlates to my personal experiences where it brought relief to my bad discomfort.
Fiona McDonagh, who practices Acupuncture, Cranio Sacral & Sound Therapy, in Lámh Clinic, Bridge St., Gort town mentioned on Facebook about the amazing experiment she done using Thieves essential oil and bread.
“A slice of bread, with 3 drops of THIEVES oil in the corner & placed it in a zip-lock bag. It was 23 DAYS from photo 1 to the photo 3!
When I opened up the bag, the slice of bread fell to dust, except where I put the THIEVES oil!”

Apparently Thieves essential oil resisted the decomposition process brought upon by the bacteria. Considering how the rest of the bread has disintegrated, this is indeed an amazing feat. Thieves is widely used as a support for a healthy immune system and also in many household cleaning products.
Hui Ru, founder of Keep Calm and Oil Away has always wanted to try out the many experiments she has seen around.
“I place 1 to 2 drops of Thyme, Oregano and Thieves Young Living Essential Oil on 3 corners of the bread and placed it into a Ziploc bag.

Everyday I will observe my little home experiment excitedly to see if there’s any nasty stuff growing ?

Alas! About 2 weeks later, i caught a beautiful sight today, which was what I wanted to see and feel convinced once again about my decision in embarking on my Young Living journey. These 3 are my favourite when it comes to infections. Enough said.”

Looking at the results above, it is indeed very showing of the excellent traits of Thyme, Oregano and Thieves. These essential oils are known to render the environment unfriendly to germs.

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