Essential Oils and Babies

Our little bundles of joy mean everything in the world to us.
We want to give them the best of everything, including the wonderful wellness that comes with essential oils.
Having said so, it is important to know how to use nature’s gift. Essential oils are concentrated and may be overwhelming for a baby’s sensitive system.
Being a leader of the essential oils industry, Young Living does not compromise when it comes to proper and safe usage. The Young Living infographics below makes understanding a breeze.

Practical Advice

I like the general safety guidelines as it gives us very practical advice. I personally found the idea of wearing the essential oils on our skin instead as an introduction to essential oils invaluable.
The advice to avoid adding essential oils to baths is spot on! Babies do indeed love to splash around.

You Can’t Go Wrong Being Safe

The section about essential oils to use with caution is not to be missed. I personally avoid these all together.
Dilution ratio can be increased too if you prefer to gently ease in the use of essential oils or to have more safely margin.
My take on this is to always dilute more, especially when it comes to young babies.
As of all matters concerning our little ones, always monitor carefully and do not hesitate to seek professional medical advice when required or in doubt.
Read and reread the infographics above!

Don’t Forget About Young Living Seedlings Range

That’s right! The Seedlings range of products are specially formulated for babies. I like the fact that products from this range are infused with the Calm essential oil blend. Knowing that the line of products are for babies also takes away much of the anxiety we parents face when choosing products for our babies.