Empowering Beauty Without Harsh Chemicals – Savvy Minerals Makeup Tutorial

The pace of everyday life can often take a toil on our emotions. We are always rushing for our work, our family and others. When do we really have the time to pause so as to feel and look good?

“I feel that with Savvy Minerals, it liberates my face. Without the presence of harsh chemicals, my face feels featherlight. Being a mother of two kids, it can get rather tiring at times. With Savvy Minerals and it’s stunning palettes, i feel empowered and confident.” – Jenny

Taking a look at the before and after comparison, it is evident that Savvy Minerals did a fantastic job enhancing the youthful look of Jenny. I like how the eyeliner and brows work together to place emphasis on her beautiful big eyes. The colours on her face also gives greater definition to her already well contoured cheeks and chin. Jenny is a perfect example of how one can feel and project an image of being confident and in control of one’s circumstances.

Model : Jenny

Foundation #Warm 1

Blush #smashing

Eyeshadow #unscripted

Lipstick #wish

Multi Tasker

Eyeliner Jet Setter

Misting Spray

Time taken : 15 minutes

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