Deep Breathing Exercise – What are the benefits? How to do it?

Practicing deep breathing can bring much wholesome benefits to you.
It is simple to do and can be virtually done anywhere and anytime! ( in a safe and appropriate location of course ?)
Essential oils can complement deep breathing and bring it to a new level of wellness.
The sense of smell is intimately connected to your emotions, making essential oils invaluable for deep breathing.

Why are Deep Breathing Exercises good?

  • Reduces feeling of stress
  • Supports a healthy posture
  • Relives discomfort from pain
  • Supports a healthy digestion
  • Exercises your cardiovascular capacity
  • Flushes your body with increased oxygen
  • Promote a sense of calm and groundedness

How do i practice Deep Breathing?

  1. While you can do this virtually anywhere, finding a quiet environment with comforting lighting will greatly enhance the experience. Diffusing an appropriate essential oil and relaxing music will be even better!
  2. Settle down and sit upright.
  3. Inhale slowly over a count to 6.
  4. While counting, feel the air fill your belly. Do not resist and be relaxed.
  5. Still counting, the air should now raise your rib cage and chest area. Feel it lift you up. You can try visualising positive thoughts and wellness filling you up. This will promote a great mental condition.
  6. You should be finishing your count of 6 now. A good gauge that you are doing right would be the feeling of being full of air inside and having no more capacity for more.
  7. Now hold your breath and count to 3 as the fresh air flushes through your body. Try visualising the wholesomeness flowing throughout your body.
  8. Next slowly exhale over a count to 6.
  9. Feel the breath carry the stale air out of you. You can try visualising your worries and unpleasant thoughts flush out of you. It can be quite mentally  rejuvenating!
  10. Feel your rib cage / chest / belly deflate as the air leaves you. Be sure to remain relaxed.
  11. Repeat! You do not have to do this for long, 5 minutes would be good.

What essential oils can enhance the experience?

I personally like Young Living’s Grounding blend and Frankincense. Both of these essential oils promote a sense of peace, calm and groundedness. I find this very therapeutic considering the fast pace and demands of modern living. We all need to have a time out regular so as to avoid being overwhelmed.

Other common essential oils used include Lavender, Blue Tansy and blends such as Stress Away, Sacred Mountain and Peace and Calming.

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