5 Ways To Instantly Cut Calories

Total calories in must be less than total calories burned.
Let’s face the fact. Many of us are having challenges to achieve this simple equation for weight loss!
Tough it may be but we can definitely tip the odds in our favor. Proper weight management is a gradual process, slowly chipping away at the unwanted calories.

Here are 5 ways to instantly cut some calories.

Every Calories Count

While the hacks above will not obliterate those pesky calories at one go, cutting down on these on a daily basis will rack up an impressive amount avoided over time.

  1. Pour less gravy
    Gravy is often oily or loaded with seasonings. Pouring less or skipping it will cut tens of calories.
  2. Go light on sauces
    Likewise. The extra calories will accumulate and affect your total. Go light or even better, don’t use sauces.
  3. Minimize sugar drinks
    Sugar drinks are loaded with calories. One can of soda will easily hit 150 calories ( More than 5% of an average person’s calories requirement ). If you are in control of the sugar load, try to go with 50% of the usual amount. For example your tea or coffee.
  4. Eat less fried or oily food
    Tests have been done to check on the amount of calories before and after frying in oil. An additional amount of 100% or even 300% more calories are added by the process. Cutting down in this segment will boost your weight management progress.
  5. Make sugary desserts a rare treat
    A slice of cake sets you back by 200 calories or more. That is about 10% of an average person’s calories requirement. A harmless looking scoop of ice cream? Around 140 calories for the plain ones.

It Is Never About Depriving

We need to be mindful that our goal of a healthy weight need not come with a miserable plan of deprivation from these lovely food! Most weight loss crash programs fail because it is not sustainable. What is life without the occasional ice cream or fried chicken? Eating in moderation is the key. We find a balance between gourmet pleasures and the sin of calories.